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meetings group meetings
quickly schedule
when and where
invitations invitations
invites without ads
appointments individual appointments
set up one-on-ones
without double booking

"I’m so sorry that I double-booked you… again."

appointment example
Set up appointments quickly and easily—and never lose track of your schedule again!

Babysitters, tutors, personal trainers, hair stylists and other professionals can use this tool to schedule appointments and collect payments!

Whether you’re setting up office hours, parent-teacher conferences, interviews, or just meeting with friends, give Appointments a try..
group meetings

Tired of emails like these?

"Well, I could meet over lunch on Tuesday, but I have to be back in the office by 1. I can meet anytime on Thursday afternoon, but I know that Wendy had some conflict then. Guess we need to hear back from Mark, too…"

Now you can see when everyone is free

"Friday lunch looks perfect!"

pick times

Great for study groups, team meetings, or casual get-togethers.

Want a simple way to invite friends or clients to an event without
  • ads for diet pills and lingerie?
  • required registration?
  • added expense?
Let Invitations help you start your event gracefully.


Great for birthdays, weddings and holiday parties

event manager

Tight conference budget? Don’t know html? Sick of killing trees?

Registration, payments, and powerful custom options!

Now you can focus on event content, not registration!